When collecting a child in the camp, do not give him too many things with you. In addition to the necessary items, which list includes: a sun hat, bathing and sports suits, beach and sports shoes, seasonal clothing and shoes, socks, underwear, pajamas or other sleepwear, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb, scissors for nail cutting, it is desirable that children have sunglasses, as well as at least one elegant suit or dress. Due to the fact that the weather during a shift can change, make sure that your child has clothes for both very hot summer weather, and rainy and cool.

IMPORTANT: The administration and staff of the camp are not responsible for things that are not handed over to the storage room.


Numbers are formed solely on the basis of age, regardless of which city the children came from. What exact number your child will fall into will be known only at the end of the distribution process. At the same time, we guarantee that the child will get in a room with a same-sex peer. The wishes of parents about the distribution of the child in a specific number are not considered by us.

IMPORTANT: Adaptation of children to new conditions for a temporary children's team is a complex and painstaking psychological and pedagogical process associated with the need for every child (and especially a beginner) to use all the skills and abilities of independence, the concentration of all his personal qualities and character traits. Therefore, try not to disturb his phone calls during the adaptation period (the first 3-4 days). If you want to receive information about your child during this period, then, after calling to the camp, communicate with the counselor, and not with the child.


The summer camp organizes the birthdays of the participants of the arrival by creating a festive atmosphere for the birthday man, inviting the animator and presenting the gift.
If the parent of the birthday boy has wishes in the additional organization of the holiday for the child, conditions are discussed with the senior administrator of the summer camp and provided by the parent. 


If, when examined by a medical worker, a child is diagnosed with diseases transmitted by airborne droplets or everyday life and that may pose a threat to the health of other vacationers, the child will not be allowed to enter and will be sent home for treatment with the possibility of restoring rest on this shift or transfer to another shift.

Contraindications for sending to the camp MINIBOSS CAMPS are:
- all diseases in the acute period;
- all forms of tuberculosis of various organs and systems;
- rheumatism in the active and interictal period before removal from the dispensary registration;
- Acquired and congenital defects of the heart and blood vessels, including those operated on;

- hypertonic disease;
- diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs;
- epilepsy, other seizures and their equivalents;

- acute mental illness and reactive states;

- bronchiectasis, bronchial asthma;

- peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer;

- acute nephritis, pyelonephritis - not earlier than 5 years after the acute process subsides, chronic nephritis, renal stone disease, congenital anomalies of the kidneys, accompanied by a violation of their function;
- diabetes, thyrotoxicosis;
- all infectious, parasitic skin diseases (scabies, fungal lesions, etc.).

If the child needs to take any medications that are with the child for the course of treatment, you need to notify the camp doctor in writing, making a note in the questionnaire in the “State of Health” column. 

IMPORTANT: A parent is fully responsible for the health of his child and the absence of a threat to the health of other vacationers. If these conditions are violated, the child’s rest in the camp can be stopped until the child is completely cured or terminated without the possibility of renewal.

In the camp MINIBOSS CAMPS is constantly carried out medical control, as well as monitoring compliance with safety regulations. Control is carried out both by medical staff and educators, camp counselors. In the event of a child’s illness, he will be provided with timely and effective medical assistance.

The medical center of the camp MINIBOSS CAMPS is equipped with all necessary medicines.
The children who arrived on holiday in the camp are under the constant medical supervision of an experienced medical officer. All conditions have been created in the camp, both for rendering emergency medical care and for treating the sick during the shift of children. All sensitive moments are carried out under the supervision of a medical officer.

The child should know that in case of indisposition, psychological discomfort, problems in communicating with other children, he should immediately inform his counselor.

A child who has complaints of indisposition should immediately report them to his counselor, after which he will be shown to the doctor, examined and treated. The camp medical center operates around the clock.

Children with medical contraindications specified in the “Rules of medical selection when sending children to rest in the camp, to the camp are not accepted. 

IMPORTANT: If you decide to falsify the child’s medical records, hide the information about your child’s actual chronic diseases while sending him to the camp, remember that you are fully responsible for the possible consequences of this action.

IMPORTANT: If the child needs to take any medications that are with him for the course of treatment, you must notify the camp doctor in writing, making a note in the child's medical record in the “Health Status” box. In case your child gets sick in camp, do not worry. He will be provided with qualified medical assistance with the use of necessary medications. The child will recover and continue to rest. You can consult the camp doctor by phone about the current state of health.


When sending children to rest in the camp, it is implied that the children sent are independent enough to monitor personal hygiene. For this purpose, all conditions are created in the camp: shower rooms and hygiene rooms in the rooms.
Control over children's compliance with the rules of personal hygiene is carried out by a caregiver, counselors, medical staff and camp administration. 


It is carried out according to the “buffet” system 4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner). Every day the menu contains fresh fruits and vegetables, soup (1 time per day for lunch or dinner), hot and cold dishes of local and international cuisine. For the convenience of children, the distribution of meals is carried out by the staff of the complex. During meals, children are provided with drinks in the form of tea, instant juice and water, and during breakfast, milk, cocoa and yogurt.

In the diet of children are not used spicy dishes, heavy and artificial fats. The quality of the products coming to the food processing unit is under constant laboratory sanitary and hygienic control.